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For anyone that has entered the affiliate marketing space, no doubt you have discovered your fair share of both good and bad programs. Have you ever felt ripped off by these get rich quick schemes? Many of us have fallen victim to one bad program after another. In this OLSP review, I outline a program that for once does things differently.

The OLSP System

OLSP was invented by Mr. Wayne Crowe, a UK marketer and proven entrepreneur. Wayne has previously set up and run many successful companies. He knows what works well when it comes to traffic and has invested millions into testing. His solo ad service is one of the best out there, if not the best.

I actually joined OLSP a few years ago, but never did anything with it. At the time I was confused with all the different options available inside the program. I found it hard to get my head around it all if I am honest. Three years later and things have changed quite a bit. The program has had a makeover and is more straightforward to work with.

Many online marketers have one particular problem and that is how to get traffic. The OLSP system solves this issue in two ways. Firstly it contains a plethora of traffic training and secondly it supplies it’s own traffic. Inside the system you are taught different ways in which you can promote the program and earn commissions. One method in particular works wonders when it is put into action..

There are two options in the program. It is all based around links, two links to be precise. You promote these links – one is called Mega Link, the other Magic Link. Both cost $7 each. You can use one or both, it’s totally up to you.

OLSP System – Earn from 7 Income Streams

Imagine a program where you earn within 48hrs of joining. There are not many programs out there that can make that claim, but OLSP can. The commissions you earn quickly are not going to make you a millionaire by any means. There are in fact small commissions. Don’t let that put you off because it shows what is possible and gives you an immediate boost to see those commissions come rolling in.

olsp review

Let me give you an example of how you can earn quickly. Each week the system drops a series of Facebook posts that users are allowed to post comments on. You decide which ones you want to comment on. I normally do all of them. Pretty soon you will see commissions appearing in your account. How easy can it get?

For me personally, I got back my initial investment of the mega link and magic link just by making these Facebook comments. Very soon these small commissions start to add up. You could use these commissions to purchase traffic if you wanted.

OLSP Magic Link

The magic link is a special kind of link and is priced at only $7. This is the link you will promote with cold traffic and start building your email list. Cold traffic is the type of traffic from people who know absolutely nothing about you. These people you have never had any kind of interaction with before.

Along with the OLSP magic link you are also given a free solo ad of 100 clicks. It does not stop there though – you also get the opt in page to help pull in your leads as well as pre written emails that go out to the leads. All you do is load these emails into your autoresponder and you are good to go.

Keep in mind that normally a solo ad of 100 clicks would cost around $80, but you are getting them for free here when you purchase the OLSP magic link.

Now for the real magic. You are going to earn commissions when each person opts into your squeeze page and when they click on the links you have set up in each email in your autoresponder sequence. Also each email link points to an offer so when they click on the link, you can earn from the offer they see. This is quite unique in the way it works and this is how OLSP lives up to the claim of guaranteed commissions.

When you start to see commissions coming in from the magic link, you will want to keep the momentum going and may decide to purchase some of Wayne’s traffic to run against the magic link again.

I saw results instantly from the magic link and the 100 free clicks I was given.

Not bad at all considering the free traffic I was given.

This will continue to compound each day as more and more people click on the links in my emails.

You also get the opportunity to sell this list building training and earn commissions for the magic link. All you need to do is post on Facebook. Anyone interested in building an email list will start to connect with you.

OLSP Mega Link

The OLSP mega link is priced at $7. This link is promoted to warm traffic — By warm traffic I mean people who know you somewhat. Perhaps you have had some contact via email or even via Facebook. The system teaches to promote the link via Facebook. Many people have found this technique to be effective and are doing quite well, just by sharing this one link to their contacts. It is possible of course to purchase traffic for the OLSP Mega link and send it directly to this link. However, this may not work so well because that traffic will be cold traffic – from people that do not know you.

OLSP regularly run their own online events and you are given a link to promote on Facebook. Should someone join the event via your link, you will get paid a commission.

Joining The OLSP System

Once you sign up, you will find many training packages available to you in the backend of the system. For example, you are going to learn from the traffic training modules on how to promote the mega or magic link and earn commissions right away.

These are not your typical “Go and make a YouTube video” or “Go and post on TikTok”. No, what they teach is geared towards hitting the ground running straight away. If you’ve been doing online marketing for a while then there is a chance you already have an audience to promote to. It is just a case of building on that audience and this is something they cover in the training.

All the training is done by Wayne Crowe in a series of online videos. You can access these at any time. If you do hit a sticking point then support is available in a few clicks. It has been said that soon they are going to be bringing live chat support along also.

Whether you purchase the magic or mega link, if someone buys from you the idea is that they will see results pretty quickly and may be interested in moving to higher levels – this would mean they end up buying other products in the program.

You are cookied for life. What this actually means is should you sell someone the mega or magic link today and they don’t decide to make another purchase for a year or longer, you are still going to earn from them when they do decide to purchase.

There are different levels to upgrade to in order to earn higher commissions. In one particular level, should you sell the magic link at $7 to someone, if that same person sells it to someone else you will get back $14. People at the higher levels are doing well and earning great commissions when people purchase other items in the program. Upgrading is totally optional and is not needed to make commissions at all. It is just a way to increase your earnings.

One advantage of upgrading to one of the higher levels is that you can get personal mentoring from long standing mentors in the program or from Wayne Crowe himself.

To sum up – there aren’t many programs that can guarantee you will make commissions pretty much instantly on joining. For that one reason alone, I give OLSP a thumbs up.

If you would like to experience similar results to mine and learn more about OLSP, please check it out here:

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