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Rob Cornish has been a hugely successful affiliate marketer and digital product publisher for more than a decade.

I read a lot of books on various subjects. Sometimes a good marketing book comes along which gets my interest and I like to take myself down to the local coffee shop and digest the information.

I find it quite relaxing sitting there with my Americano while going through the information in the book.

Rob Cornish is a somewhat under the radar marketer from the UK who has done very well for himself. He has written a free book about his online journey called ‘Evergreen Passive Income’ or EPI for short.

Evergreen Passive Income

Are you struggling to find the right approach to create an online income? Frustrated by the conflicting, confusing an often contradictory advice given by dozens of supposed experts?

In the book, Rob Cornish unlocks the online affiliate marketing puzzle and teaches step by step his tried and tested methods. It’s written in a clear and understandable way that any beginner can pick up and run with.

You will learn about

-list building
-choosing products
-getting traffic
-creating your own products
-finding hungry markets

and so much more

Evergreen Passive Income is packed with battle-hardened strategies to help you.

Discover the main reason why most affiliate marketing strategies simply don’t work – and what to do instead.

Attract high-converting traffic for commissions and sales.

Copy the 5-Step Irresistible Desire Formula that led to 4,978 sales in just 8 days.

Profit from the ‘PDF Resource List’ process that made $35,983 revenue-plus 4 other product types
that require zero expertise.

If you are new to this online game and are struggling then this book will help you.

If you’re looking to escape the “time for money” trap and create financial independence while working from anywhere in the world – even if you’ve tried and failed before – then this book will show you how.

The book is free (just pay shipping) for a limited time

Get the Rob Cornish book Evergreen Passive Income here