How to Get Traffic on LeadsLeap

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How to Get Traffic on LeadsLeap

how to get traffic on leadsleap

Internet marketers are always on the lookout for traffic sources. One relatively unknown, but highly effective traffic strategy is to use LeadsLeap traffic. This is part of the LeadsLeap platform. How to get traffic on LeadsLeap is what I will be covering in this article.

This platform has been going since the year 2008 and is well established. It is an all-in-one system that not only generates traffic, but also enables you to create opt-in/thank you pages, build email lists, it has a built-in autoresponder as well as rotator. Check out my LeadsLeap review.

People sometimes ask how to get traffic on LeadsLeap and one of the main benefits of being a member of the platform is being able to drive traffic. Let me explain how to promote on LeadsLeap.

LeadsLeap Traffic Exchange – Place Free Ads

LeadsLeap affiliate marketing is best done by placing ads within the platform.

As a free member you can surf other people’s ads on the LeadsLeap traffic exchange and build up credits. When you have enough credits you can then place an advert. As a pro member you won’t need to surf any ads at all and can simply go ahead and place your ad.

how to advertise on leadsleap

Ads are read by other members in the LeadsLeap platform. It’s possible they will click on your ad and check out what it is you are promoting.

As a pro member I am getting many opt-ins to my email lists from simply placing a free ad on this platform. Pro members get their ads shown in the network 24/7 without credits.

how to get traffic on leadsleap

You might be thinking is this traffic real or bot? I can confirm that it is 100% real human traffic. If you wonder how to do affiliate marketing with LeadsLeap, then placing ads has a lot of benefits.

Remember this is free traffic and to get a supply of regular leads from say a solo ad, a Facebook ad or a Google ad, would cost a fair bit of money.

How to Get Traffic on LeadsLeap with Reviews

Social reviews allow you to write about programs you may have used. Perhaps you had a good or bad experience with a particular product you have tried or purchased. Write your thoughts in this section and place your affiliate link to the program.

Reviews will be seen by other members on the platform. Because LeadsLeap has good authority as a trusted site in the eyes of Google, the reviews will rank on the search engines and you can get more traffic this way. Reviews are another great traffic generation method on LeadsLeap and is free traffic for affiliate marketing.

LeadsLeap Traffic Co Op

This is somewhat of a new feature, but nevertheless an important useful one. It’s a new source of traffic as well as a new source of income.

You are given a unique link co op link to promote. You are allowed to promote this in traffic exchanges, safelists or other traffic networks. In return you will get traffic back from the co op.

Traffic from the co op will allow you to earn ad credits which you can use for advertising or conversion into cash.

Another thing you can do with the co op is add your own ad bar to the co op link and cross promote your offer while you earn credits and money at the same time.

LeadsLeap PPC

This feature allows you to insert the ads that appear on the LeadsLeap website onto your own website or blog. It’s as simple as copying and pasting a small line of script code onto your site.

How to get traffic on LeadsLeap with this simple method? All you need to do is add a widget to your WordPress site and add the script to the widget. Then you just save and publish the changes.

When a visitor to your site clicks on one of these ads then you will earn. Not only that, but imagine your own ad appearing on thousands of other LeadsLeap member sites when they add the script code to their own widgets. That equates to a lot of traffic for you.


As you can tell, the LeadsLeap platform is not just about autoresponders and opt in pages. There are many ways it allows you to generate free traffic. By using the methods I have outlined, with LeadsLeap 10 leads a day is certainly possible.

Once you have a good supply of traffic flowing to your site or offers then you have a sustainable business online.

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