Leadsleap Review

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LeadsLeap Review

LeadsLeap Review

If you are an internet marketer this LeadsLeap review will provide useful information to help your online business. There are certain tools that you are going to need to run your business. It could be that you need to create opt in pages, landing pages, sales pages etc. You will want a way of capturing leads and following up with them.

To buy a separate page builder and autoresponder can cost an arm and a leg. I will introduce a great alternative to you that contains all you need to run your internet marketing business and at the same time save you a considerable amount of money each month.

The platform I am talking about is called LeadsLeap. This platform has been going for a number of years and has gained in popularity. I myself joined it about 15 years ago.

Probably the main two features are the page builder and autoresponder, but there are other benefits which I will come onto later.

LeadsLeap Autoresponder

As part of this LeadsLeap review, let’s talk about the autoresponder. With the two main players in autoresponders out there – GetResponse and Aweber, as good as they are, they can be costly in the long run. The main issue for me is that you get charged for the more subscribers that come into your autoresponder. You may start off on a small cheap plan of say 500 subscribers, but if you should go above that number then you will be paying more for the extra subscribers you add.

With the LeadsLeap autoresponder you can add unlimited subscribers to your autoresponders (lists)  and you won’t be paying anything additional.

This gives you the peace of mind that you can run a solo ad campaign for example and add hundreds of subscribers to your list without worrying how much more it is going to cost you.

Another nice feature of this autoresponder is that it works with double opt in meaning the subscriber will need to confirm their email address in order to receive more email from you. This feature gives you a better score in terms of deliverability and spam as it makes you seem more trustworthy.

As with other autoresponders, you can also do broadcasts to your lists.

LeadsLeap Page Builder

Being able to knock up opt in pages quickly is another great feature of LeadsLeap. You are given a series of templates that you can quickly customise in your preferred way. You can add your own images and video also. Once the page is done, then to wire up your list to collect email addresses is a simple as clicking a button and selecting the list. You can build some beautiful landing pages with this platform.

You might be thinking pages are great, but I want to be able to create a funnel. That’s not a problem as LeadsLeap also has a build in funnel creator.

You don’t always need to create pages and funnels from scratch either. If you like a page someone has created then it is possible they will have a share code. All you do is enter this share code and the funnel or page will automatically be generated for you in your LeadsLeap account.

LeadsLeap Rotator

A rotator will rotate a number of your links and will display one to whoever clicks on the link in their email. You fill up the rotator with a number of affiliate links. All you then do is take the single rotator link and add that to your email follow ups.

If you want to add more affiliate links to the rotator or remove some, then you will still only need to add the one rotator link to your email.

Rotators can be costly – the main ones cost around $20 or more a month. With LeadsLeap a rotator is included as part of the package, saving you a lot of money.

LeadLeap Review – LeadsLeap Traffic

No LeadsLeap review would be complete without talking about traffic.

We all need traffic – without it we cannot really run an online business. In the LeadsLeap platform there are many ways to generate traffic and the best part is that it is free traffic.

As a free member you can surf for credits which will allow you to place adverts on the site which get seen by it’s thousands of members. As a pro member you do not need to do any surfing and can just go ahead and place what are known as Pro ads.  These ads then get automatically rotated. I would recommend becoming a pro member as you will speed up your traffic and sales.

Your LeadsLeap page can capture emails, the autoresponder follows up with them and you build your list – all from the ad you have placed on the site.

Another traffic source is the reviews section  – you can write a review of a product that you like and post it here. It can get seen by the thousands of members in the system and bring traffic to your affiliate link. Imagine writing say 10 reviews and getting traffic from all of those articles.

Yet another traffic facility is the ability to place the LeadsLeap ads on your own website. You are given a piece of code that you place on your website which enables the ads from LeadsLeap to appear on your own website. Imagine if others are doing the same and your ad is popping up on the many websites of the members in the platform.

If you click the ads on your website then you can earn ppc commissions. Inside the platform you will find an area that shows your earnings.

LeadsLeap Pricing

You can get started by setting up a free account. There are some limitations with a free account, but there is still quite a bit that can be useful. It gives you a taste of the platform and will enable you to decide if you want to become a paid member to unlock all features. At the time of writing a paid membership is only $27 a month and that includes all the features I have mentioned in this article plus much more.

LeadsLeap Review – Conclusion

I hope this LeadsLeap review has shown you just how essential this platform is to an internet marketer. LeadsLeap is an outstanding platform. Everything is in one place. You don’t need to go and pay for a separate page builder, autoresponder, rotator. Imagine paying monthly for each of these services. I should know, I’ve done that myself and it is costly. I like to keep costs as low as possible now.

As everything is held in one place inside the platform it means you do not need to login to separate accounts for autoresponders, rotators, enter passwords etc.

Another advantage is that you can create ads and generate free traffic to your offers from the other members in the platform. It really is the ultimate toolkit for the internet marketer.

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