The Click Engine Review – Get 100% Buyer Traffic

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In this Click Engine Review I will outline how you can get 100% automated buyer traffic for a tiny price. So, you’ve spent weeks, months perhaps creating your website. Maybe you have been working on an opt in page. Now what? Just leaving it out there on the internet is unlikely to get it many visitors. The solution is traffic and in particular one product called The Click Engine.

The Click Engine Review

There are many ways of getting traffic to a website, some free and some are paid. Some say free is not really free because you are actually paying with your time. However, you are not actually paying to get this traffic so in general it can be classed as free. With this kind of traffic, it takes longer to get traction. You may be lucky and find that something hits immediately, but usually free traffic requires a lot of patience.

Free traffic examples are article sites, safelist mailers, traffic exchanges, YouTube videos, social media marketing. All of these have their pros and cons. Some are good traffic sources, some are not.

The other option is paid traffic. This comes down to paid advertising such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook ads, solo ads, shout-outs. The problem here is that ad costs have risen over the years and some platforms are very particular about what you can advertise. Also, unless you know what you are doing, you can burn through a lot of money quickly.

So continuing on with this Click Engine Review – Enter The Click Engine, a brand-new way to advertise and earn an income at the same time. The beauty of this method is that it is completely automated. You don’t need to do anything apart from submit your link one time.

What is The Click Engine

The Click Engine is a program that takes your affiliate link, or any link in general and exposes it to people who are interested in buying. You are going to get 100% buyer traffic and clicks on autopilot to your offers.

The Click Engine was invented by Jeff Aman. Jeff has been marketing online for many years and knows a thing or two about generating targeted traffic.

You can promote pretty much any niche although what works better are make money online, biz opp, MLM and Crypto niches so it is better to add links that relate to those kind of offers. If you are taking your first steps to affiliate marketing profits, this traffic source is going to change things for you.

How Does it Work?

When you join this program your link gets added to a rotator. Basically your link gets rotated each day along with all the other members links inside the rotator. As I have mentioned in this Click Engine review, you are going to get targeted buyer traffic on autopilot.

Also, you are going to receive a daily email from Jeff that contains a link to the rotator. When you click this link you are going to see what others are promoting. This is how others will see and click on your offer when they receive the same daily email.

Join the Click Engine

How Much Does The Click Engine Cost?

You are only going to pay a very reasonable $4.90 a month. This is very low cost and consider if you were to go and buy a solo ad you would be paying around $0.50 a click. So, for 100 clicks you would be paying $50. With the Click Engine you can easily get around the 100 clicks amount each month and you are paying less than $5. For this price you are allowed to enter one link into the rotator.

There is one upsell for $14.90 which you don’t have to take. If you do decide to get it then you will be able to add a second link into the rotator. This means in effect you will be doubling up your traffic. This is a one-time fee, not monthly. Personally, I think it is worth getting this upsell as it increases the chances of getting traffic and making sales.

Are There Any Bonuses?

When you sign up you will be getting a number of cool bonuses as well.

Making Money with The Click Engine

Because there is so much value in the Click Engine for such a tiny price, it is possible to easily promote the program and make a substantial monthly income as an affiliate. It pays out 50% commissions across the board. Not only can this program get you traffic, but if other people join then you are getting your traffic paid for. Why not try it out for a month for less than 5 bucks….see what opt ins you get. You can always stop it at any time.

Benefits of Joining The Click Engine

There are many benefits to joining this program. I have outlined what I consider the most important benefits.

Autopilot 100% targeted traffic to your affiliate links

Set it up once and let it run

Earn a substantial monthly income as an affiliate

Much cheaper than buying ads

Click here to join The Click Engine for just $4.90