How to Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website

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How to promote Clickbank products without a website is something many new marketers struggle with. If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, don’t know how to create a website or even don’t have a spare buck to buy a domain and hosting, then this strategy could be a good starting point for you.

How to Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website

It need not be a problem though and I will show you ways to get around these issues. I am going to show how to promote Clickbank products without a website with free traffic.

Let me start by explaining what Clickbank is. Clickbank is a marketplace that contains products that you can sell as an affiliate. Each time you make a sale, you get a commission – a proportion of the sale price. The site has proved very popular over the years with internet marketers.

At one time people used to take their Clickbank affiliate link and blast it all over the internet in forums, comments etc. These days things have changed a lot and this strategy is not so popular.

So, what can you do if you are wondering how to promote Clickbank products without a website?

How to promote Clickbank products without a website – Use Blogging

A good option is to create a blog, publish high quality content and promote your articles. This way you will not only drive instant traffic, but also build some backlinks, which are going to eventually help you to rank your blog.

Take a look at the Clickbank product you are promoting. Look at the sales page and any affiliate tools provided. Can you put together an article for your blog using the information from the product? If you can, then you have a potential traffic driver. Add images from the product to your article also. At various points in the article you can insert your affiliate link. When the reader clicks on the link they will get directed to the sales page of the product.

How to promote Clickbank products without a website on Facebook? You can now take your blog post link and add it to Facebook. Join various groups related to your niche. Make sure you add value to the group and don’t just spam your link. Comment on things people are saying and only occasionally drop your link.

What I just explained can also be done on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Linked-In.
I would recommend you create your blog using WordPress. There are free ways also such as Google Blogger at By now you may be thinking you no longer have to worry about how to promote Clickbank products without a website.

Review Video

Another popular strategy is to create a video that reviews the Clickbank product. Do you need to buy it first? It helps enormously if you do because you will have some knowledge of the product. If you cannot purchase it, then you may be able to find more information about it online.

Now some of you may not feel comfortable being on camera. Don’t worry, you can simply create a slideshow using PowerPoint or a similar package. Each slide can describe one aspect of the product. Then just talk over each slide. You will need screen recording software, which you can find online. I recommend OBS Studio.

Create a YouTube channel and upload the video there. Make sure in the description box, you add your affiliate link.

Use an Opt In Page

Another way to promote Clickbank products without a website is to create an opt in page. Sometimes this is called a squeeze page or even a flycatcher.

You will also need a freebie gift such as an eBook, video, audio, short report. If you are giving away a report or eBook, then you can add your affiliate link there. You set up your opt in page to collect the name and email address of the subscriber. When they give you these details, their name goes into a back-office system known as an autoresponder. Your freebie is automatically sent to the subscriber.

You need to craft a series of emails that you add to the autoresponder. In each email, you can add your affiliate link. You can schedule these emails to go out daily, weekly or any way you choose. The autoresponder will then send out emails you crafted to the people that opted in.

In order to make this method work, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder. You will also need to build an opt in page. How to promote Clickbank products without a website can be done easily with this one method.


Forum marketing is still a good free way to drive traffic to your affiliate products. Google for the best ones that are related to your niche.

When you have signed up for a forum, you need to flesh out your profile. Add your affiliate link here if it is allowed.

Search for posts that you can answer and add your comment. If you know nothing about the subject, then you are going to struggle to give a valuable comment. Either read up on the subject or pick a niche you are comfortable with.

The rules of the forum may not allow affiliate links to be added in comments. This is where having a blog comes in handy. You can simply add this link to the comments with something like “If you want to know more about this subject, you can find more information here”. Then drop your blog link. This link could link to a page that is about the Clickbank product. The page is loaded with your affiliate links.

Forums are a good way to drive traffic. Aim to answer questions regularly and you will find your blog traffic increasing.


Pinterest is a visual social media platform. You create what is known as a board, to which you can add interesting things. Add photos and videos – These are called pins.

In order to get the best results, create pins and boards around a particular product.

For example, if you are an affiliate marketer for a weight loss product, create a Pinterest board around how to lose weight, diet tips, exercise, and healthy eating. Within that board, you need to make sure you include one or two pins that include your affiliate links.

Pinterest is a platform that can get you massive amounts of traffic. You need to ensure you use it regularly though. Don’t just pin images with your affiliate links. The Pinterest algorithm will reward you if you add pins from other people’s boards. Make your account look interesting and not just overly promotional.

How to promote Clickbank products without a website – Conclusion

In this article I have shown how to promote Clickbank products for free. I hope you have some ideas that you can now implement. You need not struggle anymore with how to promote Clickbank products without a website.