How to Make $100 Per Day with Clickbank and Quora

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How to make $100 per day with Clickbank and Quora is possible if you approach things in the right way. In this article I will show you the best way to do this

How to Make $100 Per Day with Clickbank and Quora

Quora is a question and answer site and has been around for a while. Generally, you would go on there and search for a topic you are interested in.

Unlike Facebook, you don’t need to go searching for people and asking them to connect. This makes the question of how to make money asking questions on Quora, a much easier platform.

Not all niches are represented on Quora, but there is still a heck of a lot to choose from. It is possible you will find something relevant to what you are promoting.

Setting up your Profile

The first thing you need to do is join the site. It is totally free to join. Once you have joined, you want to set up your profile. This will involve giving a description of yourself. Enter subjects that you know about, what you are interested in and how you can help people. Depending on what has been entered here, you will find you get sent questions to answer based around those topics. If you say you know about digital marketing then you are going to get sent questions based on digital marketing.

Quora now lets us add what are known as credentials. These are basically facts about your experience.

Add a photo of yourself. By doing that, you can come across as more likeable and trustworthy. Now that you have all that done, you may want to add some links to your website/blog. I would advise not adding affiliate links to your profile. Instead, link directly to your website so that you can direct people there to check what you have to offer.

Start Answering – How to make $100 per day with Clickbank and Quora

Now you can start to use Quora by searching for questions to answer. For example, supposing I wanted to answer a question about Excel spreadsheets. I would type in the word Excel and hit search. This would bring up a load of questions relating to Excel.

Now that the questions are on screen, I could look to find one I could answer. Don’t attempt to answer a question you know little about just to drop your link. The point here is to add as much value as you can. Try to avoid writing one sentence answers. Give a thorough answer that gives value. If you feel you cannot answer it, then either go and do some research or pick a question you feel you are able to answer.

Also, do not simply drop your link in the answer box without actually writing anything. Give value, value, value. I cannot emphasise this enough.

Adding your Clickbank Affiliate Link

Now that you have typed your answer, it is time to add your link. There are a couple of ways of doing it. One way is to copy and paste it at the bottom of your article. The other is to click on the link box and enter it in there. I hope you are starting to see how to make $100 per day with Clickbank and Quora.

What you need to be careful with here is to ensure you do not add an affiliate link. An answer could get removed and sometimes an outright ban. What they do is called collapsing your answer. If it is seen as a mistake then they will notify you that your answer is now un-collapsed. Sometimes the link will simply be removed, but the answer will stay. Instead of adding an affiliate link, add a link to an article on your blog. Obviously, you need to write the article first. Your blog article will contain the Clickbank affiliate link.

Also, what you link to should be relevant to the question. If I went in and answered an Excel question about graphs, there would be no point in adding a link to an article about how to change a tyre on a car. There has to be a connection between your answer and what you link to.

Add a Call to Action

I advise to put some kind of call to action before the link. For example, something like “If you are interested in knowing more, then please check out my website”. This is how to make $100 per day with Clickbank and Quora.

It is possible to be flagged for linking to an irrelevant article. Ensure you exercise common sense and you should be ok. Quora wants us all to get involved and contribute. You can use the same blog article to answer multiple questions. Just make sure that you change your call to action up a little bit in each answer.

Answers could get upvoted. If this happens then your answer will go right to the top, therefore potentially getting you thousands of more views. Upvotes bringing more traffic is how to earn more money on Quora for your Clickbank products.

Try to answer some questions without leaving any link to your blog. As I mentioned, the name of the game here is to give value. Not every post you make needs to have ‘hey come and click my link’. This is because each post you make will have your details and photo which people can click and come to if they want.

Use Images – How to make $100 per day with Clickbank and Quora

Another tip – when you answer, use images. Answers that have images get way more upvotes. Quora also has a paid advertising system for anyone wanting to go down that route. This is another way how to make $100 per day with Clickbank and Quora.

If you agreed to have questions sent to you, you will find each day you get a series of questions in your email inbox. These are questions that people are asking you for the answer. It is possible to be seen as an authority in the subject because of previous answers. You do not need to answer any of these if you choose not to. It makes no difference to your Quora account.

How Many Views on Quora to Make Money are Needed?

Keep in mind that one answer is not going to get you a ton of traffic. It will take multiple answers to see any real traffic. This is something you are going to need to continually do.

Each post is like an ad for your business, so the more you answer, the more traffic you are going to get. Plus, and here’s the thing, those answers say up there forever. I still get traffic from last year for questions I have answered. It’s not like people see the answer one time and it is gone forever or it’s only on there for 24 hours.

Conclusion – How to make $100 per day with Clickbank and Quora

This is exactly what you need to do to get traffic from Quora. Can you do this 2 or 3 times a week? I’m sure you can. There’s not a lot to Quora, but if you stick with it, you can get a boatload of traffic to your affiliate offers.

This is one of the easiest traffic sources around. It has so much built in traffic, which is why I love it.