How to Promote Clickbank Products for Free – 5 Effective Ways

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How to promote Clickbank products for free can be done in a number of ways. Why should you promote Clickbank products for free? There are two types of traffic methods – Free and paid. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Promote Clickbank Products for Free

If you are going to use free traffic, then you may wonder where to post Clickbank links? There are a number of effective ways which I will cover below. Free traffic can come from a variety of sources. For example, you can create an article and post it on the following sources:

1. Blog/Website

Writing articles for your site is a good long-term traffic strategy. What you have by writing an article is an asset which can work for you long term. That one article can keep pulling in traffic for as long as you have it online.

You should aim to write an article of around 1000 words. It is possible to rank with shorter articles of 5-800 words also, but to be safe I feel 1000 is better to aim for.

Your article should be unique so don’t go stealing an article from a site and putting it on your site. Google can penalise your site for that. You could grab some PLR content and rewrite it in your own words. Do not use an article spinner or any kind of software to churn out your article quickly. Write it from scratch. Take your time, there is no hurry. Writing may not come so easy to some, but with a little patience and perseverance, you can have something decent in no time.

How to promote Clickbank products for free can be done within the article itself. Within your article, you can add your affiliate link for the Clickbank product you are trying to promote.

You can also use an image of the product on your website. Set up an image widget and in the text, you can add your affiliate link. When someone clicks on the image, they will be taken straight to the product page.

Having things like a Newsletter, eBooks, videos, etc. On your site – all of these can contain valuable information that will bring prospects back to your page – repeatedly. If you are wondering how to promote a Clickbank product, then this method will surely help you.

2. Facebook Page

Many people have a Facebook account these days. If you have an account, you can set up a Facebook page on a subject. For example, if you are interested in natural health healing, you can set up a page for that. Once you have your page you can then add content to it. This could be in the form of text, image or video. You can also add articles that you think your audience may be interested in.

You might be asking, can I promote Clickbank on Facebook? Keep in mind, you cannot add affiliate links directly on your Facebook page. What you want to do is add a link to the article on your website. As soon as the person arrives on your website to read the article, they will also be able to look around the site at what else you have to offer. From your site, they can click your affiliate links.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. You can probably guess what is the first – yes Google. Well Google happens to own YouTube also.

Creating videos may make some people run away horrified at the thought. However, a video does not necessarily mean you need to show yourself on camera. You could create a slideshow presentation in say PowerPoint and talk over that. Alternative you can create a review of the Clickbank product and record your screen. There is plenty of free screen recording software out there.

Showing your face on camera can add a degree of trust though. The more videos you put out with you on camera, the more people will get to like, know and trust you. When this happens, they are more likely to buy a product you are recommending.

Many people think that just by putting a video on YouTube the traffic will come. It’s not quite as easy as that. For one, your niche or subject material needs to be one that is not so saturated and two, your video needs to be optimised. YouTube optimisation is a whole subject in itself.

How to promote Clickbank products for free with YouTube? In the description of your video, you can add your affiliate link. I would advise pointing to your website or an article on the site. You could also link to your site in the video itself. Add the site name at the start and end of the video.

4. eBook

This is kind of an old school technique, but it still works today. An eBook can be written on a subject related to your Clickbank product. For example, if the product is about traffic generation, then you can write a short eBook about how to get traffic to your offers. It could even be a short 5 page report. How to promote Clickbank products for free with an eBook? Whether your write a book or a report, you can add your Clickbank product affiliate link inside.

Writing an eBook is not that hard. You could even take a PLR eBook and rewrite parts of it, give it a new title, put your name on it as the author etc.

You can give away the book free at your website in exchange for their email address. Alternatively, you can share the book on document sharing sites such as Scribd. Some sites can be picky about the number of pages in the book and may insist there are around 20 pages.

Having a single book is good enough to get you some traffic, but imagine if you had say around 5 books? Think of the traffic from that to your affiliate link.

You could even try to sell your books on Ebay. Don’t expect to earn a fortune through this. You will have to price the book really low, say around 99 cents. The point here is to get eyeballs on the content and to click the Clickbank link inside.

5. Email follow ups

How to market Clickbank products with email? When someone opts into your mailing list to get your free eBook/video, you will be able to follow up with them. You will need an autoresponder for this. You need to craft a 7 day sequence of follow up emails. In each email you can put a link to a piece of content on your website. Alternatively, you can add your affiliate link. The more people you get onto your list, the greater the chances of a sale.

Each email should have valuable content. Don’t just try to sell in each email. Give value and at the bottom of each mail, add your affiliate link. Also, don’t go bombarding your list with several messages each day. One is enough. If you send too many in a day, then people will start to unsubscribe from your list.

You will be able to attract a steady stream of people interested in your business and products when you offer VALUE free of charge. Tips and other information built around the subject matter will cause page viewers to return. They’re often willing to subscribe to a newsletter so they can get more free information. People tend to buy from people they trust so try to chat them up. Become their friend via your email follow up sequence.

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