10 Hints to Increase Your Affiliate Sales on WarriorPlus

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10 Hints to Increase Your Affiliate Sales on WarriorPlus is an outline to making sales on this platform.
Trying to increase your affiliate sales on WarriorPlus is almost the same as increasing your sales on most other affiliate platforms. There are a few actions to undertake to improve your chances of success and also a few rules worth following.

Increase Your Affiliate Sales on WarriorPlus

When wondering how to increase your affiliate sales on WarriorPlus, at first you may feel your efforts are not showing results. However, it is important that you don’t give up because all is not lost. You are not going to always plant the seed and reap the fruit on the same day.

If you follow the tips below consistently, you will see your business starting to grow roots. As time goes on your efforts will have a snowball effect. You’ll start to see results trickle in and after a while, you are going to make it rain.

1 Have a blog and/or video channel

Undoubtedly, one of the best ‘investments’ you can make in your business is to have a hub site. This is where you can share product reviews, marketing related information, etc. It is going to take some time to do but will be worth it in the long run.

I would advise creating a YouTube channel to make videos. They should give valuable information. You can make review videos for products you would like to promote

These web properties make you look like a genuine affiliate. Also, if you rank for the required keywords, you will start to create passive income. This is another method showing how to increase your affiliate sales on WarriorPlus.

Besides that, you’ll find that you are going to have wonderful opportunities to…

2. Build a list

If you really want to become a reputable affiliate, then you must build a list. By not having a list, you will find that you get very patchy results or no results at all.

Your blog should have a pop up or a ‘scroll mat’ styled opt in page. Ensure you give away some kind of freebie to encourage people to give you their email address. They will then sign up to your list. Your freebie could be a video, audio, eBook, short report. As long as the freebie gives some good information which is useful, you will find that people will sign up to your list. Ensure also that your videos on YouTube have a link in the description box that points to your landing page.

Make sure you use the high traffic social media properties to siphon traffic to your landing page and build your list. Keep in mind that you should not build your house on rented land.

Although it is true that social media is great for traffic, you don’t own it. It is vital you get people on your list. Doing this ensures you have an audience even if your Facebook group or YouTube channel gets shut down.

3. Email more than once

So now you have a list, what should you do next? Well now you need to start emailing them to promote your offer. Keep in mind that email marketing can be like walking a tightrope. If you email your list too often (several times a day), you are going to appear needy and/or annoying.

Some marketers just bombard their list with offers in order to get a sale. If all you ever do is sell, but provide absolutely no value, you are going to start to lose subscribers. Also, your list will have a high churn rate. Therefore, ensure that you provide more value than you sell.

When you do sell, you should mail at least twice or three times for a product. Some people are going to need to be told more than once before they’ll actually buy a product. This may sound strange, but it is human nature.

Try to exercise common sense when sending emails and don’t let greed or overenthusiasm to win a JV contest get the better of you and cloud your better judgement.

4. Pre-sell the product

The sales page that is used for the product is supposed to sell it. Your job is to pre-sell it. The way to do that is by telling your audience how the product helped you (if you used it) and/or how it is going to help them.

In order for your review to sound fair and genuine, you should aim to highlight the benefits and add in one or two disadvantages. Of course you will want to recommend the product in a favourable way, but you shouldn’t hype it up to high heaven. Just like salt, use praise sparingly.

5. Use Facebook groups

Facebook groups are one of the best ways to drive traffic to the offer you’re promoting. You can either create your own group or join a few popular ones that happen to be related to your niche. You will find that a few groups allow for affiliate promotions occasionally.

Engage in the group and when you’re promoting an offer, the same rules of pre-selling will apply.

6. Create a relevant bonus

Most of the products in the WarriorPlus marketplace are in the online marketing niche. Vendors of the WarriorPlus affiliate program or any other program, will put together bonuses to tempt buyers to buy through their links.

If you create a bonus that’s relevant to the product you’re promoting, you will help to boost your sales and conversions. Also, do not add on a bunch of old resell rights products from 20 years ago and give it a ridiculous real-world value of $84,875.37.

Most buyers are clued up these days and will know a rubbish bonus when they see one. So do aim to put in some effort to create a useful unique bonus… and you’ll increase your affiliate sales.

7. Study the stats

Take a look at the stats on WarriorPlus. The conversion stats of the product will tell you if that product is selling well. Trying to promote a poorly converting product is completely pointless. You can’t turn a donkey into a racehorse.

When trying to increase your affiliate sales on WarriorPlus, you are better off spending your time focusing on winning products and promoting them effectively to get more sales.

8. Do a review video

One of the effective methods of getting sales is to make a video review of the product. By giving a quick preview or a sneak peek inside the product or software, you will help the potential buyer understand what they’re getting.

Think of it as like an exciting trailer for an upcoming blockbuster movie. You’re whetting the appetite of the audience for the product and they are far more likely to buy it through you.

Not everyone likes to show their face on video, but if you do then you’ll be seen as more credible and trustworthy. The human touch goes a long way.

9. Establish a good reputation

Reputation is everything in this business. If you make it your mission to only promote first-rate products and you are honest, you’ll develop a reputation as someone people can trust.

You’ve not sold your soul for a dollar… and people are able to sense this. As soon as you have earned the trust of your audience, they’ll be much more likely to buy what you recommend.

A good reputation cannot be bought. It can only be earned – but once you do earn it, then it will reap dividends for you many times over.

10. Become a vendor

Now here is a tip that is not mentioned often – one of the best ways to increase affiliate sales, is to be a vendor.

As soon as you are a product vendor, you need to build credibility, but you’ll also build a list of buyers (of your products). Any marketer worth his salt is going to tell you that it’s much easier to sell to people who have already bought from you.

By promoting affiliate products to your list of buyers, you will get better results than emailing a list of people who subscribed to your list just to get a free product.

Remember this simple equation: Sell more products = more buyers = more affiliate sales (when you promote offers).

These 10 tips I have given you are highly effective when applied assiduously and consistently. Focus on implementing them and you’ll begin to see your affiliate sales increase tremendously. Success is going to be inevitable.