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In this article I outline Yamini Gaba  Affiliate Marketing TikTok success and how ex pizza delivery girl Yamini Gaba is crushing it on TikTok.

Yamini Gaba started her online marketing journey in early 2021. Originally from India, she moved to Australia to pursue her studies.

Yamini Gaba Affiliate Marketing Commission

In early 2021 Yamini Gaba, a student was delivering pizzas for a living. This kind of work can be tiring, but when you are new to a country sometimes you need to take whatever you can to make a start in your new life.


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In 2020 the Covid pandemic hit and affected many worldwide. People suddenly were in dire straits wondering what was going on. Some found it hard to pay the bills, especially if they ran a small business. In the case of Yamini,  she was made redundant from her pizza delivery job.

Wondering what to do next, Yamini decided to invest in some online training and signed up for various affiliate marketing programs. She also developed her unique marketing strategy using the TikTok platform.

Did any of this pay off? You bet it did. went on to make commission after commission and her earnings went through the roof. Affiliate marketing can be quite challenging for a beginner and quite daunting. For one, you need to work out how to sell the product and to who. Where is your audience going to come from?

Yamini Gaba Affiliate Marketing TikTok

Yamini decided TikTok was going to become her main traffic driver. Of course, at the beginning one never knows how things are going to turn out. Maybe nobody will watch the videos or even buy. TikTok, like many other platforms can be something of an art form at times.

Yamini Gaba has demonstrated that it is possible to use free traffic sources for affiliate marketing and make commissions.

Yamini Gaba Affiliate Marketing YouTube

Yamini Gaba has created a YouTube channel. She posts regularly there also. She teaches various aspects of internet marketing on the channel and provides good content and value.

Yamini persevered and built up quite a following. She posted regularly, sometimes way into the night. She would post around 5 videos a day, 7 days a week. If you do this then in no time your subscribers and views will increase ten fold.

I personally have learnt a lot from her and am doing well with her training.

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